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A Prayer For America

On this day dedicated to independence, I pray that we release our celebration of violence, And remember that we are made of nobler virtues. May we recognize our high and holy purpose That cannot be advanced through bloodshed, Or fulfilled by hate, greed or fear. E Pluribus Unum is more than a motto It is a mission that Can only be served by daring to love All of humanity with a tender embrace, Whispering the words that you, too, are welcome. May we own our strength without the need to dominate May we claim our power without the need to polarize May we know that we were ultimately created For peace to reign in this beautiful world. Our character was forged in history’s fires, Which required some tempering and toughening To defend the cause of liberty. We can honor the warrior path we have walked But it is not our true destination; Rather, it is to finally end the long torment of war, And arrive at a new beginning: Our human family reunited Our precious planet preserved, With the grace of God blessing all. Let us lead the way, America, With peace in our hearts, on our lips and in our hands. Let us bring that new dawn together.

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