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Petition: Evolutionaries for Hillary Clinton

We, the undersigned, wish to state our public support for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President. We do this not as partisan Democrats but as Americans who are concerned with the greater health of our country and our world at a time of many urgent crises.

We believe that Hillary Clinton will steer a sufficiently unifying course as President and address our challenges with forethought, wisdom, and respect for those who disagree with her, as she has done in her roles as Secretary of State and Senator. While she is not perfect, we believe she is well prepared for the rigors of the toughest job in the world.

In publicly voicing our clear support for her candidacy, we also wish to affirm our respect for the political diversity that is essential to the successful growth of our country. We recognize the importance of a broad spectrum of political ideologies, from conservative to independent to progressive, in order to create an innovative, prosperous, and free country.

We do not wish to see the triumph of only one ideology but the growth in wisdom of both left and right, as well as the elevation of our political discourse and decision-making. That is the path to forging a more perfect union.

Therefore, we also commit to do our part to civilize our political dialogue, seek common ground, and forge a positive vision for our future, one that includes all our citizens and fulfills our motto, E Pluribus Unum.

In this election season, we feel that Donald Trump has not appealed to our better nature, nor elevated our national discourse. He has exaggerated our divides and alienated too many of our citizens. We believe that he thus represents real dangers to our democracy and would erode trust in our leadership on the world stage. And that is part of why we support Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, we do honor the ideals and desire for real reform that are motivating many Trump supporters. We do not see you as opponents but fellow members of our American family. Going forward, we offer our hand in friendship and partnership to advance constructive reforms that address the ways our democracy has become corrupted and dysfunctional. We also commit to holding Hillary Clinton accountable in her role as President, should she be elected.

In conclusion, we encourage all of us to vote wisely this year for the good of all Americans as well as future generations. And then, on November 9th, may we recommit to go beyond party labels to work together as fellow Americans to fulfill our noble promise and truly be a shining light unto the world.

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