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Global Call to Prevent Trump’s Election

There are times that require us to stand up and act boldly.

Now is one of those moments, not just for America, but for all of humanity. We have 31 days to prevent a global disaster, one that would impact every other major challenge we face.

Simply put, we cannot allow Donald Trump to take the reins of American power. We must rally people around America and the world to prevent it.

I will share below a plan for how we can work together to prevent the election of Trump and actually turn this election into a redemptive moment for humankind.

The reason is that electing Donald Trump president could well, I believe, lead to a global reign of terror, culminating with a World War III, as I’ve shared in a previous article.

Imagine giving total control over 37% of the world’s military to someone who has, for a lifetime, exploited those with less power. Trump has played the bully, over and over. He apparently subscribes to a theory of genetic superiority. He openly admires Vladimir Putin for his leadership.

It’s clear that he has many of the same authoritarian personality drives that have motivated history’s most dangerous dictators. Making him the single most powerful person in the world would have untold consequences not just for America but for the world.

As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Given what Trump has done with the power he has already had, we can only assume he would do far worse with hundreds of times more.

We naively assume that American democracy is strong enough to withstand a rogue president but history tells us otherwise. Hitler was actually first elected in Germany and many others have turned democracies into dictatorships in short order.

However, the heartening news is that we can prevent Trump’s election not out of hatred for the man but out of love, truth, and exercising the sacred power of our vote, along with some good strategies.

First, we must begin with loving Trump: seeing the divinity within him and honoring that he is playing a role in our collective maturation. I believe he is at the beginning of going through an initiation that few of us have faced - a profound public humbling in which the worst of his behaviors are brought into the full light of day.

Even while we are focused in our commitment to prevent his election, we must have compassion for him in our hearts as he is playing a role to help our planet evolve by being the “foil” that pushes us forward.

However, the only way he can play that role is if he actually loses the presidential race and loses it decisively. I believe he needs to be completely humbled in the next 31 days by a dramatic loss for the full healing to happen.

Here is how we can activate two prongs of strategy to help make that happen.

Domestic Strategy In America, we need to call forth, support, and rapidly amplify the voices of everyone that Trump has ever taken advantage of, insulted, demeaned, and harmed. That means not just one Alicia Machado but dozens coming forward, day in and day out, in a swarm that is impossible to dismiss, attack, or deny.

Have you heard the recent report that Donald Trump may have actually stiffed his wedding caterer during his wedding to Marla Maples? You can read the story here.

If it turns out to be validated, this story is profoundly relevant to selecting a president. On the most sacred, holy, and celebratory day of his life, a time when most of us feel incredibly generous, a man worth hundreds of millions could have chosen to not pay a penny to the caterer and all the people who served the event. That caterer’s story needs to be heard and seen by every American.

Stories like this from hundreds of people he has refused to pay, simply because he could get away with it, are important to hear when we are thinking about Trump as commander in chief. They are clues to his character and what he would do with vast power.

What happens with bullies is that people who have been harmed are intimidated to speak out because the bully can do additional damage legally, financially, and socially. Just look at the character attacks Trump launched on Alicia Machado.

The antidote to this silencing effect is to have many victims step forward at the same time. The daily drumbeat of stories needs to expand into a flood of people telling their stories, which inspires still more to come forward.

People who have been taken advantage of by Trump need to find the courage, supported by friends and family, to come forward in the next few weeks to tell your story to the American people.

The trick is that there are not enough national news slots to carry all these stories, so what these folks should do is approach your local television stations and say that you have a personal story about Trump to share. If you cannot get a regular TV outlet to have you on the air, approach those with Internet followings who do regular video episodes.

The key to sharing your story is to NOT make it into a political statement, endorsement, or even say how you are voting. It’s about sharing your true story with as much vulnerability, honesty, and simplicity as you can. By not endorsing a candidate or sharing a party identification, you maintain your credibility.

Sharing your story needs to be on video because video is what touches people emotionally.

Then, all the rest of us can commit to amplifying these testimonial stories on Facebook and other social media, both by posting to our personal pages and by paying to boost those posts to professional and fan pages with larger audiences.

In this way, Facebook can become an ever-increasing flood of personal stories from those hurt by Trump.

As happened with Roger Ailes, it is the volume of testimony from many people in parallel during a short time period that can paint a full picture and neutralize a powerful person’s ability to retaliate.

The most impactful stories will go viral on Facebook and get millions of views, which will then bring them to the level of national media and attention.

In this way, we, as citizens, can effectively create the grassroots media that amplifies these stories and creates a protective atmosphere for more people to feel safe to come forward.

International Strategy The other seven billion citizens of planet earth have a lot riding on this election as well - in fact, too much to sit on the sidelines. If Trump had command of the world’s most powerful military, you should be justifiably afraid of the repercussions, not only militarily but economically and environmentally.

Trump has promised to make Mexico pay for the wall. How would he do that? Likely, it would be through direct threats of military force.

The rest of Earth’s citizens have a lot at stake in the American election but you currently don’t have a vote. How can you weigh in and influence?

First off, let us call upon legislatures around the world to summon their national elected representatives and actually cast a vote President of the United States BEFORE our American election. Each country can then publicize the specifics of that vote to the world media. In this way, the world community can amplify its opinion.

Imagine how powerful it would be if 100 countries voted on their preferred choice for the United States President and the vote was unanimous?

Given that all countries have a vested interest in wise governance of our most powerful country, it is important for the global community to take a public stand over who will better serve the world in this election.

While these votes would be symbolic, they would also be important signals of what the world really thinks about the possibility of a Trump presidency.

If you live in another country, you can advocate for such a vote to happen in your own country. Rally friends, organizations, and allies to advocate for this through your elected officials and do it fast, before the United States election.

The other thing you can do is to create social media messages and public events that send a message to the American people about why you feel it is so important for us not to elect Donald Trump. Think about videos that could go viral. Go beyond protests to thinking creatively about how to communicate your deep concern with love, music, humor, and solidarity.

Around 130 million people will make a decision on Nov. 8th that will have enormous influence on the future of our world. 65 million people (less than 1% of the world’s population) could give vast power, including the power to launch a large nuclear arsenal, to a man who is very dangerous.

It is imperative that you realize just how much damage he could do and to do what you can to influence the 130 million Americans who will make the decision.

In conclusion, the deeper opportunity in the next 31 days is for Trump to be thoroughly unmasked by the simple truth, leading to a dramatic loss in the election and a deep public humbling.

This will be cathartic for the world, especially those who have been abused by powerful people unjustly. It will make it clear that we will no longer tolerate the kind of political leaders who have wreaked havoc so many times in the past.

This will happen not through hatred but through the amplification of truth and the claiming of our right to set a positive course for humanity through voting.

The next month can become a time in which those who have been bullied, oppressed, marginalized, and harmed stand up together to speak their truth.

It can be a time of healing in which we each take a stand for the good of all beings on this planet.

I believe that we can, and indeed we MUST, do this, with love in our hearts and fierce compassion in our actions.

If you believe this is true, dare to take a stand. Start by sharing this article with everyone you know, and then help to encourage and amplify the voices of people who now need be heard to reveal the full truth of Donald Trump’s behaviors.

It’s also vital that we put our money where our mouth is. This election is a decisive and defining moment for humanity, and I strongly encourage you to invest in it as if our future depended on it.

Let’s summon our courage and turn this into a profound moment of transformation for humanity!

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